Terms & conditions

Here are some of the terms and conditions that our customers need to adhere before getting our service accessed. Here we provide you some gist about the terms and conditions for your reference

These policies are mandatory for our customers to make use of our website

Service that we offer

Here in this website gocomselectinput.com we can offer service like Roku troubleshooting, activation, and about the creation of the Roku account

Contact and reference

If you get issues that persist to understand our terms and conditions, you can get in touch with our customer support team and get clarified with your doubts

Judicial regulations

The properties like material, content, imagery that are published on this website belong to the license holder or the titleholder of this website. The customers can view the image and get accessed to the website only to get resolved their issues. It is seriously restricted to sell, rent, reproduce, duplicate the image or content mentioned on this website

 Illegal usage or creating damage to this website is strictly prohibited. Only the users can access the page after agreeing to all the terms and conditions

Violation acts that can be taken in-case of not abiding the rules

If we get the knowledge about our content and images on our website is being misused or interrupted by the third party, you can be penalized as per the regulation created by the license holder or the title holder of our website

Policies that we follow

  1. privacy policies – it is all about how we collect the required documents from our customer
  2. Refund policies or chargeback policies – concerned authorities have the right to cancel the service that we offer, this can happen if the customers did not abide or follow our rules and regulations


Once you read the terms and conditions or if you visit our website, you will be prompted to click the agree with the option to get access from our website

Liability and user responsibility

It is mandatory to keep up the responsibility of the user’s. the customers have to maintain their details like credit card and billing information secured. Incase of any loss the website may not be responsible

We are not responsible for the damage caused to the user’s property, it is the user’s responsibility to safeguard their property.we may not guarantee the information that is published on this website

Changes that can be made

It is the right of the concerned authority to make the changes in the content that are published on this website. The content can also be deleted without any notice to the customer. To know more about the service and terms and conditions, get in touch with our customer support team.