Privacy policies

The documents that we receive from the customers are the important source to provide the activation or cancellation of our service. Here in this privacy policy, we explain you about the conditions that we follow for the document and data collection

Documents required

  • Personal data – information like name, mail id, phone number, date of birth, gender
  • Credit card information – it is needed to get the service activated
  • Location information – to know about the availability of the service
  • Plan orders – it is needed to activate or cancel the plans
  • Error reports – to check the reason for the existing errors
  • Device manuals – to get the information about the device model, features

The medium of communication for collecting data

We collect information from the users via emails or chats that are convenient for communication. Due to the security reasons, the chats of the customers will be recorded


We will maintain the information that we gather from the customers with the keen confidential note.we may not misuse the information that is provided by the customers


The customer can download the required documents. It is better to read, understand and adhere to the rules and regulation. If you need any help regarding the rules and regulation you can contact our customer support team