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Are you searching for the best streaming gadget to buy? Purchase the latest Roku model, complete the setup and you will never end up feeling bored exploring the entertainment programs on Roku.

Why do we recommend choosing Roku?

This streaming device platform stand ahead with the most exciting features and specifications and this is the reason why customers opt for the Roku models

Make your input selection

Choose the compatible go.roku.com/selectinput port, complete the device setup and activate your favorite channels. This is how you can turn your living room to an entertainment Hub. It’s always good to spend some time streaming the most entertaining Roku channels

The best Roku streaming gadgets are here

If you have any plan to buy Roku gadgets, introducing the most popular streaming device models here. Check out the advertisements and you will know the best model to buy

  • Roku Express
  • Ultra
  • Roku streaming stick
  • Premiere
  • Roku premiere plus
  • Express plus

Features of each of these models are exciting and you can select your favorite model

Want to know the top features of these models?

Outstanding features include

  • Quad-core processor, compatible Roku remote, wireless connectivity options, Excellent picture quality, Roku mobile app,
  • Micro SD card slot, point to anywhere remote, Voice search options, private listening mode and much more.

Note that the features differ and depend on the model that you use.

To begin the setup, select the required input

If you are new to Roku streaming gadgets and do not know how to execute the device setup process, let us provide you few updates here

  • For any streaming device models that you use, selecting the required input is the first and foremost step
  • Suggest to download, read and understand the device setup manual before you proceed. The availability of the Port always depends upon your model or the device version

What are the available input ports for Roku gadgets?

  • Power port
  • HDMI Port
  • Ethernet or USB
  • Video
  • Aux
  • TV and Video

If you do not know how to choose go.roku.com/selectinput, the steps below can help you

  • If the device is brand new, take it out from the package
  • Remove the protective coverings
  • Check if you have the accessories that including the Power, Ethernet and USB cable
  • You can begin your search to find the appropriate ports

  • HDMI Port

    • Premium HDMI cable is often recommended  to obtain better output
    • For new models, we have  HDMI 1 and HDM1 2 ports and  you need to choose the  compatible cable
    • Start  your search to find the exact port to insert the HDMI cable
    • It’s always recommended to select the port that supports HDCP2.2 standard
    • If the cable length is not sufficient, you can also opt for HDMI extenders
  • Power Port

    • Purchase a good quality power cable and you can connect one end to the device and another end to the Power adaptor
    • Make sure that you fix the cable properly to the port
    • Now Power on your device to check if the connections are proper and secure
  • USB Port

    • You can select this input port to connect the USB cable or Ethernet cable.
    • This is not a tough task
    • And you can attach the USB cable between your device and the Router
  • Composite Audio Video Ports

    • These ports are available to use with your older TV models.
    • Identify the port with the label, Audio Video to select this input

How to select go.roku.com/selectinput?

  • Choose a compatible remote, select the up and down arrow to choose the required inputs
  • If you are not comfortable using the Roku remote
  • Visit the app store to download  the Roku remote app
  • Navigate to the Roku Home screen and  tap on the Settings menu and  you can  view the roku.com/selectinput settings
  • Select the option as per your requirements

  • Wait for a while until the setup process complete
  • Once if these steps are done, proceed to create a Roku account.
  • Activate good speed internet connection and device linking process using the page Roku.com/link
  • The faulty device can be the reason for the error message.
  • You can replace the device with a new one

What if you do not select the appropriate go.roku.com/selectinput option?

If you select the wrong go.roku.com/selectinput port, you may end up receiving the error codes or error messages on your screen. Hence let us help you to fix these errors at the earliest

  • To start with, check if you have fixed the cable properly to the exact port
  • Always use premium HDMI cable if you are expecting better output
  • To select the required roku.com/selectinput, it’s important to use a compatible remote
  • To navigate to the input settings on your TV screen, a good speed internet connection is essential
  • Note that older TV models do not support the HDMI Port 
  • Hence do not forget to buy the composite audio Video cable
  • Use the soft, hard and factory reset option to reset your device
  • Make sure that the cable that you use is  not damaged
  • Always use HDCP2.2 enabled port
  • Remove the input cables, power off your device and try connecting it back again  
  • Do not choose the wrong input port
  • It’s good to use the HDMI extender if the cable length that you use is not sufficient

Resolve the errors at the earliest to start streaming on Roku

For go.roku.com/selectinput instructions, device setup and activation refer to the articles and blogs posted on our webpage. Contact our customer support executives for assistance.It’s always our objective to offer quality and timely support to Roku customers who contact us.

  • Clear your queries and concerns right away, Understand the instructions to choose go.roku.com/selectinput. Committed offering the timely support ever.
  • Assistance to set up and activate your Roku streaming gadgets, for assistance to get rid of roku.com/selectinput errors. To resolve go.roku.com/selectinput errors that pop up on your device display screen.


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